J.Lo’s Got Back! Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Assets While Filming for Shades of Blue

Despite portraying a character wielding firearms, Jennifer Lopez still manages to infuse her signature sultry vibe into her latest role. The multi-hyphenate talent, who is now 45 years old and known for her singing career, acting gigs, and stint as a reality show judge, was spotted filming scenes for her new law enforcement drama Shades of Blue in Queens, New York. Donning a pair of black slacks that hugged her voluptuous figure and cascaded down to the floor, JLo looked confident and alluring in her police uniform. Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of the scene.

Bringing it back! Jennifer Lopez gave the police uniform a new kind of sex appeal when she was filming in Queens NY on Wednesday

Reviving the trend! While shooting in Queens NY on Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez added a fresh touch of allure to the police uniform.

Bottoms up! The actress and singer showed off her curvaceous derriere in the trousers

Cheers! The starlet flaunted her voluptuous rear end while donning a pair of pants. She accessorized with a badge and firearm attached to her belt and opted for a wavy bob wig that concealed her customary lengthy tresses. In the police-themed series, she portrays a corrupt officer who becomes an FBI informant. To complete her on-screen persona, Harlee Santos paired the pants with a crisp white blouse.

Why so serious? The 45-year-old star wore sky high heels to give her super long legs in her trousers

Why the solemn face? The celebrity, who is 45 years old, donned towering heels to accentuate her already long legs in a pair of trousers.

Everything ok? At one point, Jen was pictured with a look of horror 

Hey, how’s it going? Jen was caught on camera looking absolutely terrified at one point. She went the extra mile to make her legs look super long by wearing really high heels.

During breaks, the actress took a moment to touch up her makeup all by herself. To beat the heat of the city, she used a fan to cool down.

In her latest role, Jennifer plays a character who struggles to balance morality and responsibility, all while being a loving mother to her kind-hearted daughter.

Give us a wave: Jennifer wore a police badge and gun as part of her uniform

Give us a wave: Jennifer wore a police badge and gun as part of her uniform

Say hello: Jennifer donned a police badge and carried a firearm as a requisite for her work attire.

Fierce: The actress/singer showed her tough side as she exited a car

With a confident stride, the performer displayed her fierce persona as she stepped out of the vehicle.

Hot stuff: She took a break to cool down with a fan in the heat

Hot stuff: She took a break to cool down with a fan in the heat

Feeling the heat, she decided to take a breather and chill out with a fan.

Role: She plays a dirty cop-turned-FBI informant sees her trying to walk the fine line between right and wrong, while keeping it together for her good-hearted daughter

In her latest role, she portrays a corrupt cop who turns into an FBI informant. The character faces a constant battle between choosing the right path while shielding her daughter from any repercussions. The show has already released a trailer, where she touches on the idea that doing the wrong thing can sometimes be the right thing in certain situations. Alongside her are prominent actors Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo. NBC will air the 13-episode series titled Shades of Blue.

Jennifer has said of the part: 'We know that certain things are wrong, but in certain situations, doing the wrong thing is the right thing'

According to Jennifer, there are times when doing something that is generally considered wrong can actually be the right thing to do. She believes that in certain situations, we may have to make tough choices where what is traditionally viewed as right or wrong may not necessarily apply.

Beauty: JLo showed off her winning smile on set

JLo flaunted her gorgeous grin while on location.

Animated: The TV personality appeared to go through a number of emotions

The on-screen personality exhibited a range of sentiments in an animated manner.

Adjustments: JLo made sure her garments hugged her shapely figure

JLo ensured that her clothing accentuated her curvaceous physique.

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